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Are you 18 years or older and Pregnant, struggling without support System to help you succeed? 

Do you know a Pregnant woman who needs support? Madonna Renewal Center is here to help. 

 e-mail us at or call (815) 616-9672

Madonna Renewal Center Supports Residents to live as Victors NOT Victims in A Safe, Nurturing, Non-judgmental environment that help a struggling Mother and her Baby to thrive.


Madonna Renewal Center is a safe haven that offers hope and healing to women facing unplanned motherhood. These women have taken the first step of choosing life, so we pledge to help them make the rest of the journey to a bright future. We provide for the immediate physical needs of our guests (food, clothing, shelter) and provide for their emotional and spiritual needs with a supportive community.

Our program lasts 12 to 24 months and includes the mother and her child. Both reside here as the mother proceeds through a structured curriculum that builds character, faith and skills for independent living, employment and effective parenting. Each mother is also connected to appropriate agencies and opportunities that will help her achieve short-term and long term goals.

To participate, a prospetive resident would:

  • Be able to provide proof of pregnancy
  • Be free from drugs and alcohol for a period of time
  • Be committed to working toward self-improvement goals
  • Be of any faith or even no faith at all. All who need help are welcomed.
  • Not be fleeing a current domestic violence situation. Those who are will be referred to agencies that can help.




To apply to join our community, please click here and answer a few questions. We will contact you soon.

Motivated by love. Empowering women. Serving with diligence. All to achieve the simple word: Renewal.  To help this mission, please click the links below.