MRC Needs Help this Saturday Feb 6 2016

MRC Needs Help this Saturday  Freeport Illinois – Madonna Renewal Center in Freeport needs help this Saturday, Feb 6 2016, from 9:00-12:00 AM. The Madonna Renewal Center is moving forward; mold and asbestos have been removed from the five story future home of the Madonna Renewal Center. Project leader for the Madonna Renewal Center (MRC) Roger L. Kampmier had this to say.  “As of this time we have removed a lot of metal from the walls of our building, but the number of volunteers turning out to help has been low. Please see if you can spare some time for the Lords work.” Roger further stated  “We will provide dust masks for those coming to help. Please bring gloves for your hands to protect against cuts while moving metal to the staging area. I will need some of the men attending to bring crow bars and Saws-All’s to finish the remaining metal removal that is needed. We have basically finished the first floor to the third floor and still have metal to demo out for the fourth and fifth floors. Older kids can help but not with any power tools of crowbars. We need to move metals to the first floor from all floors so we have that staged to haul out for scrap and salvage. We would like to have everything done and metal moved to the old pool area by the time we are done this weekend, so there will be a lot of hauling from all floors. If we have enough bodies we may be dome before the noon deadline.” Roger L. Kampmier Project Leader MRC. For further information please call Phone: 815-275-5666

Madonna Renewal Center is Hosting a Spaghetti Dinner

Celebration for our Renovation – Fun day at Eagles CLUB

1957 Chevy Raffle Support Story

Madonna Renewal Center continues to enjoy the support of many Churches some of who pledged their ongoing support by including MRC in their monthly tithe or made out donation to MRC. These Churches will be duly acknowledged. However, 3 Churches played key role in helping us sell off all our 500 raffle tickets. We are truly grateful and continue to look forward to their ongoing support. St. Patrick Church McHenry bought many tickets and brought in cash donations, St. Mary Church Huntley not only bought about 100 tickets, they brought in generous cash donations, and St. Thomas Church Freeport bought many tickets. God bless you.                   Permit me to share my amazing Huntley story.

Celebration of our Renovation

Madonna Renewal Center – Celebration for our Renovation Date/Time: November 14, 2015 5 pm to midnight Location: Eagle’s Club, 1200 W. Galena

We Have A Winner!

We Have A Winner! Madonna Renewal Center.-   Freeport Il.-     On Saturday, October 17, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary held the raffle for the 1957 Chevy.  Amid much anticipation the winner was picked from the 500 tickets in the hopper.  The winning number was # 0257 held by Mr. Bob Gosdick of Rockford, Il. who won the car.   The number was picked by Freeport, Il Chief of Police, Mr. Todd Barkalow.  The second prize of $750.00 was won by ticket # 0166 purchased by Mr. Joseph Giannotti of Neward, DE. This ticket was drawn by Mr. David Snyders, Stephenson County Sheriff.  The third prize of $ 500.00 was won by Mr. James D. Chesser of Montgomery, Il and drawn by Illinois State Representative Brian Stewart. The third prize winner generously donated the prize back to the Sisters for their renovation program. The 1957 Chevy was donated to the Madonna Renewal Center restoration fund anonymously by a most generous donor.  The raffle has added $50,000.00 to the cause of the Madonna Renewal Center. We thank everyone who participated in this raffle in any way; those who purchased tickets, all the hard working members of the MRC fundraising committee, and all those who did anything to help this event take place.

Madonna Renewal Center In The News

Madonna Renewal Center In The News Recently WREX TV- Rockford/Freeport, was gracious enough to come to Freeport to interview the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, at the future site of the Madonna Renewal Center. As many of you are aware, the Sisters and their support teams have been working diligently for the past year making preparations for the new Madonna Renewal Center which will help a young mother struggling with an unplanned pregnancy to bring that child into the world and tend to the many needs of the mother and the baby. It is our pleasure to combine our special report on the upcoming raffle of the 1957 Chevrolet, with the wonderful report generated by the WREX TV news team.  The drawing for the car will be held on October 17, 2015.  Only 500 tickets will be sold and a $750 second prize and a $500 third prize will be given.  To purchase a ticket call Jim Barkau at 815-232-5017. 

Unveiling of 1957 Chevy BelAir

Unveiling of 1957 Chevy BelAir Madonna Renewal Center – Freeport, Il – It’s here!  For several weeks we have been waiting for a special car to arrive so we can present it to everyone.  That day has arrived! First let’s get a little background to let you know why all of us involved with the Madonna Renewal Center (MRC) are so excited about this car.  After all, a car is just a car-right?  Wrong!  This car is a vintage automobile donated to the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so they can raffle it off.  This will mean a wonderful contribution to the restoration of the Madonna Renewal Center.  The donor wishes to remain anonymous so we respect his/her wishes and can only say “Thank you and God bless you” whoever you may be. Now on to the description of this oh, so special, automobile.  It is a completely original 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4 door with approximately 79,000 miles, a V-8 with a 283 cubic inch engine and a 2 barrel carb. To the best of our knowledge, it is one of only three such autos nationwide.

Madonna Renewal Center Memorial Day Tribute 2015

Madonna Renewal Center Memorial Day Tribute 2015 Madonna Renewal Center-Freeport Illinois – On Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, several members of the Madonna Renewal Center (MRC) and the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, took part in the annual parade in Freeport and later in the day, in Pecatonica, Il. Memorial Day is a time we pay tribute to all our brave men and women who died in the service to our country, and to also pay tribute to those still living who have served and are serving in our military.

Appreciation Evening

On April 16, 2015 an amazing MRC team of volunteers gathered at the Sisters Home (Convent) on South Walnut Avenue for a