Dearly Beloved Friends of Madonna Renewal Center and the IHM Sisters (Blue Nuns)! Onward, dear friends as we march toward our noble goal! “Come on! Join our happy throng. Blend with ours your voices. In the triumph song: Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ, the King through countless ages men and angels sing.” Thank You Jesus!

Mold/Asbestos abatement and Brick work phase is now completed in our project. This is a Great milestone and we THANK YOU! Your prayers, your donations,… your promotion, brought us this far. You made this happen, DO NOT RELENT! We are marching on to the next phase, painting, putting up dry walls, sprinkler system, checking out the elevator, the plumbing, electricals, the alarm system, renovating the chapel, kitchen, cafeteria, office space, bedrooms, living rooms, replacing carpets and tiles, ceiling, windows. We are trusting God to lead us to the right help. No amount is too little. If God taps on your shoulders, please join this GLORIOUS BAND. Our Mission is to instill hope and the will to live! We are grateful that you are part of us.

MRC 2016 Spaghetti Dinner is here- Tuesday February 9, 2016. The 2015 Dinner was a huge success and well attended. It was so good many requested to have it every month. Many sold tickets, publicized the event, volunteered their time, donated desserts, food items, or cooked, served and bought tickets for the dinner. We are counting on you to grace our 2016 Spaghetti Dinner. All proceeds will go to Madonna Renewal Center Renovation effort. Please, help us to spread the word! Bring your friends and family, and/or sponsor food items if you are unable to attend. DON’T MISS THIS! See Flyer for detail.

SWEAT SHIRTS: Please, donate $30.00 to receive Madonna Renewal Center Winter Sweat Shirts (Crew Necks-$20.00 and Hoodies-$30.00) to mail add $5.00 shipping for each. Proceeds will be used for the renovation effort. God bless every sacrifice you make to help this mission succeed.