Madonna Renewal Center continues to enjoy the support of many Churches some of who pledged their ongoing support by including MRC in their monthly tithe or made out donation to MRC. These Churches will be duly acknowledged. However, 3 Churches played key role in helping us sell off all our 500 raffle tickets. We are truly grateful and continue to look forward to their ongoing support. St. Patrick Church McHenry bought many tickets and brought in cash donations, St. Mary Church Huntley not only bought about 100 tickets, they brought in generous cash donations, and St. Thomas Church Freeport bought many tickets. God bless you.

St Thomas Freeport St. Mary Church Huntley St. Patrick McHenry










Permit me to share my amazing Huntley story. We serve a living God. I walked into St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Huntley on October 10, 2015 completely awestruck. For over 5 minutes, I stood at at the back of the Church in disbelief. Stream of people piled pass me and pleasantly crowded the pews. The beauty of the Church, the dedication, generosity and enthusiasm of parishioners and their amazing pastors was great but do you know what shook me most? THE CROWD! The YOUTHFULNESS! Attendance to each of the 6 Holy Masses was unbelievable. Many young couples, teenagers, children, as well as older folks attended in large numbers. This huge Church filled to capacity. Others not accommodated in the Church gracefully picked up single chairs, and filled the huge balcony/porch (baptistery) for lack of the right word. They were so organized and conscientious that at the end of each Mass, one would hardly believe that over a hundred chairs filled the porch.  Eldon Julius said to me “Even if we put all the Churches in Freeport (Catholic and Non-Catholic) together, we might not get the population of one service in this Church.” Thank you the people of Huntley, IL for getting out and going to Church on Sunday. Thank you for being proud of what you believe. Thank you for your generous donation. Thank you for your warmth. Our host family was unbelievable. We look forward to your continued support and greater involvement in our Mission. God bless you all. Thank you for helping us to empower women

I hope to get to my Freeport Church one morning and squeeze myself into the pew for lack of space. I pray for greater participation of families and the young in their Freeport faith community.