QUITE A JOURNEY 1957 CHEVY DRAW OCTOBER 17, 2015. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With your support The 1957 Chevy Raffle Draw and Brat Fest was a huge success. God bless you.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Raffle Winners!

1st Price: 1957 Chevy-winning number 0257- BOB GOSDICK of Rockford, IL.

2nd Price: $750.00 winning number 0166- JOSEPH M. GIANNOTTI of Newark, DE,

3rd Price: $500.00 winning number 0154- JAMES D CHESSER of Montgomery, IL (3rd winner donated the money back to us).

We are grateful that we are getting closer on our journey to reach the Phase1 Goal of mold, lead and asbestos abatement, All American Cleaning, Brick work, drainage repair of the MRC facility.

On behalf of our Superior General, Rev. Mother Mary Claude Oguh, all the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart Mary, Mother of Christ, MRC Board of Directors, and the amazing team of MRC Committee, I thank the Ultimate Boss of our Mission -Our Lord Jesus Christ without whom our effort would have been a waste.

We are grateful to our Benevolent Anonymous Donor – whose gift has remained a mystery to many. To Jim Barkau of J H Barkau and Sons, we lack words to express our gratitude to you for all you did to facilitate and sponsor the 1957 Chevy Raffle sales and promote our cause. We are very grateful to all of you that made out time to be with us. Special appreciation to the City of Freeport Police Chief, Todd Barkalow, Stephenson County Sheriff, Dave Snyder , and the State Representative Brian Stewart, who graced the occasion with their presence and drew the first, second and third raffle winning ticket respectively. The County Board Chairman Bill Hardley honored the occasion by serving desert. Thanks to the State Attorney Carl Larson, he stood in the sun at Cubs food to cook Brat, and in the cold to dish out desert during the Chevy event. Mayor JIM Gitz had been supportive and promised to attend; an important engagement may have prevented him.

To our bishop, Most Rev. David Malloy, our Pastors and Churches near and far that supported us, may our Lord Jesus Christ renew your blessings – St. Patrick McHenry, St. Mary Huntley, St. Thomas Aquinas Freeport, St. Mary Freeport, First Lutheran, St. James Church for always supporting our effort, Honeywell Employee Club, St. John Adair IA, and so on. God bless you. To the Faithful MRC Team -the Angels God gave to IHM Sisters on this Mission, you spent yourselves to make the day a reality – Fund raising, Business Plan, Board of Directors and Media team. God bless you. Our amazing, indefatigable Fundraising Chair and publicity lead were terrific. Mary and Eldon Julius were the shining stars for this event. They spent many hours and money attending events, parades, selling tickets, driving the car and doing many other things too many to mention. Our Great People of Freeport and beyond, particularly our amazing friends from Des Moines Iowa, as well as Larry and Marge Theriault of McGiveney Center Chicago your love will continue to guide us. We also thank Parks District for supplying all the picnic tables.

What would we have achieved without all the publicity and Media support? Shirley of The Big Radio Freeport, The Observer Newspaper, Freeport Journal Standard, Greg Chambers of Today in the Port, Wrex TV, and Chamber of Commerce, … Thank you!

Thank you Fr. Bob Camacho, Steve Turner of Walkers Mortuary for donating posters, Eastrich printing, The Way Band from Crystal Lake, Craig Deininger for the Balloons, Honeywell for Clean-up, Cubs Food, ALDI and Walmart for donations, Aquin School Freeport, Ford Motors for displaying the car in their show room and selling tickets, All the Car Shows that invited & welcomed us, Volunteers of this day.

Forgive me if your special contribution was omitted. The list goes on. The list in Jesus’ hand is more accurate. He will thank you on our behalf. Thank you very much for understanding. God Bless you all!

Sister Mary Theonilla Chukwu, IHM

MRC President