Madonna Renewal Center Memorial Day Tribute 2015

Madonna Renewal Center-Freeport Illinois – On Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, several members of the Madonna Renewal Center (MRC) and the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, took part in the annual parade in Freeport and later in the day, in Pecatonica, Il.

Memorial Day is a time we pay tribute to all our brave men and women who died in the service to our country, and to also pay tribute to those still living who have served and are serving in our military.

MRC M Day300xMRC not only wishes to pay tribute to these brave people, but to show the community they are working to establish a center that will bring dignity and hope to women in need, as well as to bring back dignity and hope to our city and the surrounding communities.

Raffle For 1957 Chevy Coming Soon

Many wonderful and amazing things have happened since the Sisters have decided to renovate the old St. Francis Hospital/School for Exceptional Children into the Madonna Renewal Center. A benefactor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated a fully restored 1957 four-door Chevy for the purpose of generating the necessary funds for the abatement of asbestos and lead removal. Once this is accomplished there are dozens of volunteers lined up and willing to do whatever is necessary to remodel the MRC building.

Committees are working with Jim Barkau of Barkau motors of Freeport, Illinois who will be offering his expertise and services in storing and making this car available for the public to see. Details of the drawing will be posted on this website just as soon as they are available. Check back often for details.


Some Who Gave All, All Who Gave Some

Madonna Renewal Center- Freeport Illinois- Memorial Day 2015 –  Roger L. Kampmier, lead coordinator of the Madonna Renewal Center committees sent us a wonderful tribute to those who gave all so that we may live in freedom. It is an honor for us to publish this tribute below. May our Lord richly bless Roger, his family, and all who have answered their country’s call by serving in our military and naval forces. Roger had this to say in his note to us “Every Memorial Day and Veterans Day I reflect upon the four years that I spent in the Navy Medical Corps and of the time that I spent with a front line Marine Combat unit in Vietnam.  I would like to share with all the message below and let you think of this message and its meaning in your own terms and thoughts.  Enjoy each and every day while you are of this Earth, we all will have a place in Heaven.”

Some Who Gave All, All Who Gave Some

Roger L. Kampmier US Navy, FMF Forces, 3rd Mar. Div.

Memorial Day and raining again, why?

Throughout the years and many wars and conflicts later we celebrate another Holiday.

We Honor those who have given all, and all of those who have given some.

The raindrops are but tears from the sky above.

Tears of those who gave all and tears for those gave some.

They are the tears for the wives, children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers that remain behind.

They are the tears for the Brothers in Arms that survived that always ask why not me, why them?

So if a raindrop or two falls upon your face today do not wipe it away.

Let it remain and cherish the memories of what has been given to all of us for our freedoms.

As you pray today start your prayer with thanks for Some Who Gave All, All that Gave Some.