I want to share with all of you this message I previously posted on facebook:

Each time I reflect on life issues particularly Abortion, James 2:16 comes to mind “and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”-but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do? Then, I ask myself, what good is it to say to a woman who is pregnant, conflicted, confused without support system, you must preserve life? Goodness me! The very air she breathes seems to shout “Get rid of your baby.” I want to be there for this woman. I want to provide her a home. I want to help her remember that she is a precious pearl in the arm of her Creator. Please, pray for the success of Madonna Renewal Center. Help draw support for www.madonnarenewalcenter.com.

A very nice Catholic reacted to this post by stating “Would it not be better if God focused upbringing were upheld to save us later acts that seem holier than thou attitude…..? Would it not be cheaper to build good family upbringing than waste time and resources providing homes for a group that our hypocrisy has caused to blossom, etc?”

I love that post and wholeheartedly affirm that moral decadence has brought us to this point be it rejection of children, promiscuity or stranded by betrayals or parental irresponsibility. The sacredness of the Family is the core reason for this endeavor. The role of family in the health of any society is indispensable. Nothing could ever compare with the transforming impact of a loving God fearing family. We must absolutely spend ourselves building up the family. I have never spared any opportunity to share the value of good traditional family system in the lives of individuals and Nation. As an educator, I spent years encouraging and counseling couples, children and families, organizing workshops that build up family bond. Presently as DRE, I seize every opportunity to tell parents that our only hope of survival is to build up the family. Moreover, I was also brought up in a solid Catholic home by parents very uncompromisingly Catholic and holy, yet so loving and caring for all. I owe virtually every good thing I learned in life to my solid moral upbringing. I still celebrate my dad and his awe inspiring presence. Oh! I totally agree that once solid moral values are re-established, promiscuous life and double standard will be curbed. However, my parents taught me that though some people appear seemingly irredeemable, every human being no matter how broken and shattered is precious and priceless. I will forever cherish family life and keep my eyes and heart focused on the good of the family, yet, I can never forget those people, who through no fault of theirs were not brought up in beautiful loving homes or had homes that are more apt to protect personal image than defend life. I want to be the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 15:8-10, searching for that one lost coin. Beloved friends, blessing on everyone of you that beautifully share and promote life as well as the many, who challenge this stand, offering us prayer points and avenues for reflection and constant re-evaluation of intent. That lost coin is worth dying for or else, that woman will never know better and will never be able to give her child good family home. Luke 15:1-7, 8-10 seem very ridiculous but Jesus is very comfortable with the ABSURDITY of love. I do not understand how standing for the woman and her unborn will make one appear ‘holier than thou.’