On April 16, 2015 an amazing MRC team of volunteers gathered at the Sisters Home (Convent) on South Walnut Avenue for a fun evening/get together. It was a very pleasant informal gathering getting to know each other. As usual, our Pastor Fr Barr was there to support us. The sisters used the opportunity to express their deepest appreciation of the wonderful people that have been part of this life changing journey of establishing a home for pregnant women. We are truly grateful to all of our volunteers for their commitment and sacrifices. Some of you carry MRC everywhere you go. Some others quietly work behind the scene, while others are on their knees praying for success. Whether you were able to come or not we love and cherish you. For those that could not make it, we truly missed you. For those that did come, we enjoyed the time with you.

Some Photos from the Evening1694 1693 1686 1669 1667

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